When to use MyISAM and InnoDB Mysql Database Engines

There are two types of database engine in mysql..


2) InnoDB

You must have the understanding of when to use InnoDB and when to use MyISAM..

here I am going to describe the both MyISAM and InnoDB database engines with their limitations, It will help you to understand when to use MyISAM and when to use InnoDB.


MyISAM limitations
Row limit of 4,284,867,296 rows
Maximum of 64 indexes per row
No Foriegn keys and cascading deletes and updates
No rollback abilities
No transactional integrity (ACID compliance)

InnoDB Limitations
No full text indexing
Cannot be compressed for fast, read-only

When to use MyISAM?

MyISAM is designed with the idea that your database is queried far more than its updated and as a result it performs very fast read operations. If your read to write(insert|update) ratio is less than 15% its better to use MyISAM.

When to use InnoDB?

InnoDB uses row level locking, has commit, rollback, and crash-recovery capabilities to protect user data. It supports transaction and fault tolerance.

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