Telephonic Interviews are very common before face to face round of Interview. The gateway for your face-to-face interview occurs only if you perform well in the telephonic interview. With proper preparation, telephonic interviews are easy to crack. If you consider telephonic interview seriously and do it extremely well, you could make an amazing impression with the Interviewer which could land you in your dream job that boost up your career. Blow are few tips to make your telephonic interviews :

Pre Interview Preparation

  • Keep your resume, research notes you have taken about the company and all the other relevant documents in front of you.
  • Keep a notepad, pen, calculator and calendar handy to take down important points from interviewer.
  • Keep yourself away from TV. Drink a glass of water. Take few deep breaths
  • Make sure your mobile phone battery charge is full
  • Attend the telephonic interview in a quiet place

During The Telephonic Interview:

  • Mostly the telephonic interview is pre scheduled, so you can be prepare yourself accordingly for? the Interview call. If you have encountered the Interview call unexpectedly, do not perplex.
  • Greet the interviewer. Keep your calm, be assertive and honest and go ahead in answering confidently.
  • Sound pleasant. There is no need to be very loud or too soft. It can be irritate interviewer
  • Give away your experience, education, skills, technology expertise, achievements, personal competence and all other positive points.
  • Avoid monosyllable answers (i.e. Yes/No)
  • At the end of interview, thank the interviewer for calling.

Post Telephonic Interview:

  1. Send a thank you note to the Interviewer via email
  2. After 2 days Follow up via phone call for the results

These Tips can be very helpful for you if you are looking for job change than be prepare well for Interview..You can not miss telephonic interview preparation as Telephonic round is very important.. you can say this is a base of your journey of the new company ..Most of the companies are conduct telephonic interview before face-to-face round Everybody is super busy these days and no body want to waste time on travelling and all …

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Job Interviews can never be very stressful with proper Interview preparation. While in lookout for a job change, Research about the company you are applying for..Along with the facts about the company prepare thoroughly for answering about yourself, your work experience, work history, skills, technology expertise, career goals, achievement, interests etc. Here are the list of frequently asked interview questions that are standard in any interview.

I have listed blow some commonly asked Interview questions :


    1. Tell me about yourself?
    2.  What is your motivation factor?
    3.  What are your strengths & weaknesses? What plans you have to overcome your weakness?
    4. What do you know about this company?
    5. What are your expectations from the job?
    6. Why are you leaving your current job?
    7. Why should we hire you?
    8. What is your biggest professional achievement/disappointment?
    9. What are your total & relevant years of experience in this field?
    10. What is the definition of Success according to you? Do you consider yourself successful?
    11. Can you work under pressure?
    12. How could you contribute for the growth of the organization?
    13. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?
    14. How will you organize/manage major projects?
    15. Tell me a time when you considered yourself successful?
    16. Describe your experience with your previous company
    17. What are the skills that differentiate you from other candidates?
    18. How will you approach a difficult task?
    19. Can you point out a situation where you helped to resolve a dispute between others in your team?
    20. Can you provide me any reference (HR) from your previous employer?
    21. What is your salary expectation?
    22.  Do you have any questions?


You are looking for answers of these question than you are a little bit stupid. 🙂 You can find yourself ….or post a comment to ask answer of these questions …

Today, I am going to post very handy trick, it is very helpful and important. I think you must know this trick also ..Let”s what is ”this new Trick”  I am talking about  ”changing the file extension of multiple files in a movement” As  sometimes we need to change extension of multiple files..

Suppose : You are working on a website there are 100”s of files in the website and directory all files are having .html extension that means all files are HTML files. Now You need to change these files in .php,

As we know we can”t write PHP code inside the HTML file (Although We can write html code inside the PHP file) . So if you want to write some PHP code inside your HTML file than You need to convert this html file in to the PHP file.

If there is one or two files than you can make these html file into the php file easily just save as the same file with same name just you need to change file extension (.html to the .php) only. But if there are many files with .html extension in your website’s directory and  you want to convert theme into the PHP than Its a boring and time consuming task for you to convert each file one by one manually.

Here is trick to convert all HTML files into PHP files in a movement …..

We can convert all HTML files into the PHP files using command prompt…You need to follow some quick step given below ….

Step 1 : Open the command prompt…

Step 2 : Just enter into the directory (folder) where your HTML files are  located and look at the syntax below, I have keep the folder ”project” on desktop of my PC. This folder includes all the html files of the website “C:\User\Monu\ “:- this is the root of my computer as shown in command prompt by default

Step 3 : Now we have to enter in desktop using cd command using the command prompt. “c:\User\Monu\ cd Desktop” :- This is to enter in to the desktop of my computer desktop …

Step 4 : Now we need to enter into the directory where our HTML files are …”c:\User\Monu\Desktop\cd project”: – This is to enter into the folder where HTML files are located …

Step 5 :  Now at the final step lets run the command for converting all HTML files in to the PHP files..Look at the below ..c:\User\Monu\Desktop\\project>ren *.* *.php :- This is to converting all HTML files int o the PHP files….also look at the below screenshot.


change extension of multiple files